Meet Jacquie Comrie, the Queen of Colour


After a long search and much deliberation, we’ve found our artist for the exterior of our TTC CLRV! We could not be happier to announce that Jacquie Comrie, the Queen of Colour, will be painting #ourstreetcar at the end of September. Her exploration of colour as a tool for healing and rejuvenation strikes us as the best possible use of this unique opportunity. We live in a complicated world full of stress and distraction, a world in which many of us suffer the ill effects of negative emotions. We love Jacquie’s proposal to use a CLRV as a vibrant installation of colour… a moving colour wheel, healing hearts and minds as it snakes its way through the city. It is an opportunity for us to re-engage with our positive emotions and return to a simpler time, a time when feeling came more easily. Love what we’re doing? Help us bring #ourstreetcar to life at

Mark Fiorillo