Project Launch and Artist Call Live

We’re very excited to announce the launch of A Streetcar Named Toronto. Part art project, part urban exploration… our goal is to celebrate the Canadian Light Rail Vehicle before its curtain call at the end of 2019. Think of Toronto and you think of a CLRV, they mean that much. It’s hard to believe they’re almost gone.

This project has been over a year in the making and would not have been possible without the support of Brad Ross and Deborah Brown at the TTC. They saw the potential in doing something special around these vehicles and we can’t thank you enough for that.

Stay tuned for many updates over the next couple of months… there will be a lot of news. We’re putting a public art streetcar into service in September, supported by CLRV stories, history, and much more. We are also busy planning a fundraising campaign through our charity CityFund that will enable this project, and many others, to bring the city to life. Bye for now.

Mark Fiorillo