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We’ve covered streetcars in ads… why not in art?

Torontonians love art. In a recent survey*, 90% of respondents agreed that the arts make the city a better place to live, with 82% wanting more support for public art.

Originally conceived of as a gift to the city and a unique funding opportunity for our new charity, CityFund, the inspiration behind a public art streetcar came from a simple idea. Let’s use the retirement of a CLRV as a chance to make a major statement in support of public art.

In early 2019, we secured the use of a 501 Queen CLRV, to be re-made as art and re-launched into service in September. Joining us on this journey is experienced Toronto arts curator Rebecca Carbin who is leading the engagement with the city’s arts community.

We are excited to introduce A Streetcar Named Toronto to the city and see how it unfolds . If you love these streetcars as much as us and are sorry to see them go, please Get Involved. If you’re an artist with experience in public art, please see our Artist Call.

Mark Fiorillo, Founder, Civic Ventures Canada & CityFund Foundation

*Source: Arts Stats 2018, produced by the Toronto Arts Foundation